Matthew MacNeal, CFP®, AIF®


When Matt began his career in the financial services industry, he had the valuable opportunity to work with two industry leaders (Vanguard and SEI). His time with Vanguard’s Retirement Plan Group, plus his experience working with SEI’s top advisors, taught Matt valuable lessons regarding how to build an exceptional financial planning practice. Once he had acquired his CFP®, Matt transitioned into the delivery of financial advice to clients full time.

In 2004, Matt began to work with his partner Chris Benfer to refine a system of delivering exceptional Financial Planning and Retirement Plan advice to clients. Over the next 8 years, Matt and Chris built a practice that is unique in its ability to deliver consistent, professional and cutting edge advice to clients.

By launching Blue Rock Avenue One in the fall of 2012, Matt took another step in the direction of fulfilling his vision of establishing a truly independent, fee based financial planning firm. “BRFG’s access to improved technology and systems increases our ability to deliver the best financial planning advice available to our clients.”

Matt’s ability to understand his client’s goals and objectives, combined with a deep understanding of the financial services industry, allows him to deliver a level of advice that his clients can trust. Working with clients to filter out the “noise” and focus on their long-term goals is critical to their success and peace of mind.


Matt graduated from Bishop Shanahan High School in West Chester and has a B.S. in Business and Economics from Ursinus College.