Christopher Diederich, AIF®

Senior Advisor

As an advisor with Blue Rock Avenue One, Chris takes pride in helping clients organize their finances and identify immediate, short and long term financial goals. He understands the importance of fully analyzing each client’s unique situation before tailoring a comprehensive plan tied to their objectives.

Chris is sensitive to the fact that people are generally uncertain about financial decisions and fearful of how their future will play out. He believes that educating his clients on factors relevant to their plan provides the perspective they need, and helps filter out the “noise” negatively presented by the media. No matter the stage in the financial life cycle, Chris is passionate about helping clients gain confidence in their finances, so they can focus on enjoying the journey and not stressing over the destination. He is firmly committed to his mission of providing financial peace of mind to the lives of his clients.

Since 2009, Chris has focused his efforts on the dental community in Delaware. He is active in the both the Delaware State Dental Society and the Kent Sussex Dental Society. In addition to providing personalized financial plans for individuals, Chris works with his team of 401k plan specialists providing a multitude of services including plan consulting, plan design and plan management. With over 60 plans under management, Blue Rock 401k Group has become one of the leading independent 401k plan firms in the region.


Chris graduated from West Chester East High School and has a B.S. in Marketing from Rider Univerity.