What does Amazon Alexa have to do with Easterseals? What does Amazon Alexa have to do with access?


Did you know that Alexa is not just for the weather report, funny jokes and playing music? It is also a vital tool in the access of one’s environment. For a person with a disability, “Alexa” means being able to change the TV channel yourself, without having to call another person. Turning on or off the lights, a fan, opening or closing your door when you want to, or seeing who just rang the doorbell are all possibilities with Alexa.


With the rapidly developing technology of the last five years it is now possible, through voice assistants like Alexa, to increase a person’s independence. Without this technology they could not otherwise access their environment thought typical means.


Just ask Michael, one of the Assistive Technology Department’s adult clients. The first thing he asked me when I started working with him was to be able to change his TV channels himself using his voice. As of last month that is now possible through the Amazon Fire Cube.


Assistive technology makes things possible for individuals with differing barriers and abilities.